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Fashion and industry of fashion is a huge topic to consider for all, thus here we are providing you a brief and detailed description on fashion in the form of essays.

Trend of fashion depends on place to place, people to people or as per the interest according to need. Following and applying fashion in life is not bad until it does not affect or impact badly to others.

There are various professional courses which are oriented to fashion field. Therefore, for instance, when a person wears the most stylish clothes since they are part of the latest collection, such a person is able Essay on trends fashion be more confident. Everything you do in your routine life is now influenced and modified according to fashion: If these new coming trends of fashion make you feel special and confident; then it also sometime embarrasses you in front of others when you do not apply things on yourself according to Essay on trends fashion individual personality.

In India world of glamour completely depends on the fashion and also we can say that fashion is created by glamorous world, where every day trend of fashion changes. Confidence is usually determined by how a person perceives himself or herself more than what other people perceive such a person.

During the British rule in India, the fashion trend within high society was strongly influenced by the British fashion style and western clothes became a status symbol in India. Going to Gym for the fitness is now also the mark and need of fashion.

By following fashion trends, an individual is able to show his identity to his peers and also express oneself. There are new things every day in the fashion world and many things that cause it to change.

Kids are also influenced and fond of new coming fashion trends. Though, we know that to be updated and to go with society is a need to bring some kind of changes in our outlook and physical attitudes which makes us confident and admirable; but at the same time it affects us badly too our cultural and traditional morals and views.

The advertising media also contributes equally to update us about the daily style checks. In Evening Fashion, this trend reached its peak glamorous dresses and throws, as if descended from photos of actresses of the s, decorated with silk and beaded fringe, shimmering tassels, silver sequins, marabou feathers.

It refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated. In India, the fashion scenario was different in different political periods.

Style of living, style of behaving, type of places where you live, types of food you eat and types of activities you do, all can be changed or modified according to fashion.

During s and 90s, the advent of television and other advertising means gave a new edge to the Indian fashion scene. Today whats is in are short shorts, skirts and dresses, tight clothing and crop tops.

In Maharashtra, women wear a nine yards long saree known as lugadi in Marathi with a short sleeved blouse. In India, main source of fashion is the entertainment and film industry of glamorous world.

More or less everyone have a fashion idol. In North India, sarees and salwar suits are preferred by girls and women along with young girls follows the fashion trend by wearing skirts and jeans with shirts or top.

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But now the difference have gone down to a great extent due to many reasons. When we talk about girls they are two steps ahead than boys even in matter of fashion. The foundation of the Indian cinema also proved to be the strongest influence on revolutionising the fashion scene in those days.

Men commonly wear western wear such as shirts and trousers across India. Bright colors will be worn in monochrome outfits and updated versions of classic prints, such as a leopard or check.

In the northeastern regions the tribal communities such as Khasis, Nagas, Mizos, Manipuris and Arunachalis wear colourful woven sarong-like clothing and woven shawls that represent the identity of each tribal group. You can also take benefit of these essays for other activities related to writing in the school: Fashion not only highlights the social history and the needs of person but also the overall cultural aesthetic of the various periods.

Long Essay on Fashion This category includes two essays with and words count. Effects of Fashion on People Fashion is now the need for youngsters even for all age people to maintain their image in front of others, so that they can be the part of this trendy and fashionable society.

Today, fashion does not necessarily mean glamour, or the urge to follow the current trends. These cities host fashion weeks here where top designers apply and exhibit their new collection on top models worldwide.

For young age people, who are much affected and influenced by new fashion, it gives harmful effects too. First if all the demand of online shopping malls have increased. Fashion should be done in such manner that it does not harm your real or positive image in front of others; in fact it may enhance your personality in positive way.Despite the Trends in Fashion, Teenagers Should Dress Appropriately Essay - Fashion is in demand for all walks of life, young and old, male or female, and rich or poor.

Fashion is a way to express one’s self and also a way of showing off. Essays on fashion papers also play an essential role in the market for giving information on the latest trends and fashion. Most of the essays written by the experts will provide an insight into the fashion. Fashion is a term which means ‘an ongoing trend ‘.

It refers to how people dress and what kind of external getup most people think is making them look stylish, up-to-date and sophisticated.

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Essay on Fashion ( Words) Every person nurtures an innate desire of looking good and feel ‘accepted’ in the socio-economic circle. The word fashion instantaneously brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour.

Women are taking to fashion in a big way, and are experimenting with different looks, styles, and textures. Fashion designs come in and out of ‘style’, which is known as the cycle of always come in and out of style, but the consumers keep up with trends due to the feeling of needing the newest kaleiseminari.comn is fuelled by conversion.

Designers continually persuade the public that their new ideas are everything that a stylish wardrobe requires.

Short Essay on Fashion. In this category, three essays are given withand words count. All the essays are written in simple English language and are useful for students from 3 rd to 8 th class according to their need. Fashion Essay 1 ( words).

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