Great railway strike 1877 essay

The troops sent by the governor refused to violently put off the strike since they were in sympathy with their fellow countr men fighting to revoke their wages and job cuts.

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 essay

Young addressed the strike in Ohio by using the state militia. The strike also affected Ohioans. It moved substantial anthracite coal from mines in northeastern Pennsylvania and controlled several area railroads.

The posse killed or fatally wounded four and wounded an undetermined number of others, estimated at 20 to 50, according to different sources. LouisIllinois, halted all freight traffic, with the city remaining in the control of the strikers for almost a week.

For decades, yes centuries to come, our nation will feel the effects of the tidal wave that swept over it for two weeks in July. Remember, you must use information from one more than half the documents provided in your essay.

Great Railroad Strike of 1877

Preludes to the massacre included: Having incited a hornet's nest the soldiers were forced to retreat back into the local roundhouse.

It further stipulated that fewer crewmen would be utilized during this time, all the while refusing to implement safety devices like the knuckle coupler and automatic air bake. Document 2B - July 21,excerpts from Page One: There was no property destruction significance disturbance ongoing. Philadelphia[ edit ] Three hundred miles to the east, Philadelphia strikers battled local militia and set fire to much of Center City before Pennsylvania Governor John Hartranft gained assistance and federal troops from President Hayes to put down the uprising.

The availability of laborers and government support for businesses limited workers' ability to gain concessions from their employers. Only the latter, with some 10, members strong, held any significance but its powers were minor due to a lack of federal and state support.

In an interesting turn of events, president William H. Latrope, to mobilize the police. After leaving the governorship, Young was elected to the United States House of Representatives for two terms and served from to Within a short period of time, it became an emergency situation affecting many people's lives throughout the nation.

The following morning they finally exited the building, as peace returned to the city. Capitalists may stuff cotton in their ears, the subsidized press may write with apparent indifference, as boys whistle when passing a graveyard, but those who understand the forces at work in society know already that America will never be the same again.

In some cases violence broke out and people were shot although most often the protests were peaceful. Unlike the militias, those professional soldiers stayed together and followed orders. The strikes dissipated, first and foremost, because the federal army did not break.The Great Railroad Strike of was the country's first major rail strike and witnessed the first general strike in the nation's history.

Great Railroad Strike Of 1877

The strikes and the violence it spawned briefly paralyzed the country's commerce and led governors in ten states to mobilize 60, militia members to reopen rail traffic.

The Great Railroad Strike of began on July 17,in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Workers for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad went on strike, because the company had reduced workers' wages twice over the previous year. Sometime after July 22,Pittsburgh photographer S.

V. Albee captured an extraordinary series of photographs. Picturing burnt machinery and twisted debris, Albee documented the local aftermath of what scholars consider the first national labor action in the United States - the Great Railroad Strike of Thesis Statement This is a picture of the battles that the workers and the police had.

The great railroad strike of caused the most appealing violence in the railroad history. Apr 07,  · ‘Gunfire and Brickbats: The Great Railway Strikes of ’ by Gerald G. Eggert In the article ‘ Gunfire and Brickbats ’ Gerald G. Eggert shows the significant history of the railroad strike and what went through the workers and company owners.

Great railroad strike ofa violent but ultimately unsuccessful interstate strike, which resulted in extensive property damage and many deaths. The first major interstate strike in us history.

Great railway strike 1877 essay
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