Sectarianism in pakistan essay

A national consensus seems to be emerging against American involvement and attacks.

Sectarianism in Pakistan

Strict measures need to be taken and more restrictive laws need to be made for curbing this social problem. Previously, it was always a conflict either between the established Sunni authorities and anti-status quo Shia denominations or between the Sunni and Shia dynasties or caliphates.

After all, numerous studies have shown that prejudice of all kinds is an insidious social phenomenon, which can take generations to wipe out.

However, the Islamic reforms introduced by Zia, especially relating to the legal field, alarmed the Shia community. Its sole emphasis was on the classical law, which, in the view of its champions, was the sum and substance of the faith.

It was in response to these developments that Shah Waliullah started his reform movement to reassert Islam. Media is called the fourth pillar of the state and is instrumental in ensuring good governance.

Besides, the madrassas also provided manpower for these sectarian organizations, leading to sectarian engagements on the streets and dividing them further.

Many of the militants have no training -- except in how to use a gun. The new era witnessed, on one hand, the onslaught of the British with both colonial and western agenda and, on the other, the rise of Marhattas and Sikhs.

The Khmer Rouge murdered at least 2 million Cambodians between and Access to cheap and quick justice should be made possible for everyone. In both governments agreed to tone down the rituals as part of "Confidence Building Measures". In its early years it fought to get concessions such as exempting the Shia community from paying zakat and ushr.

The extent to which the power of persuasion can work in changing individuals is readily visible today in society -- with celebrity figures, including pop singers, cricketers and other sportsmen, quite obviously a focus for preachers.

Sectarian violence in Pakistan started in the late 80s which is continued till this date. This effort must be underpinned with far greater commitment and a longer-term strategy than has so far been the case.

Anti-Indian sentiment

Tribal Conflict in the khyber Pakhtoonkhawa: It can be concluded that Pakistan is trapped in numerous internal problems. Jhang in Punjab province was the first district to fall prey to the increased and persistent nature of sectarian violence in the s.

In both governments agreed to tone down the rituals as part of "Confidence Building Measures".

Cohen describes the Pakistan-India relationship as a neverending spiral of sentiments against each other. Poverty is a sort of curse which is making life miserable. Authorities ordered the police to fire upon any assembly of five or more who refused to lay down their arms, under Section of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Before the Musharraf regime started its rackdown on sectarian organizations inthese three were involved in collecting funds for jihad in Kashmir. Sectarian violence and religious extremism is an unpredictable menace. Nel vi fu un ritorno degli arabi con i Mamelucchifino alla conquista ottomana.

S and Israel for sponsoring the sectarian groups as they want to destabilize Pakistan by creating law and order situation.

Anti-Indian sentiment

The security agencies could not do much, as they could not differentiate which organization was involved. One such account published by The Timesregarding an incident where 48 British girls as young as 10—14 had been raped by Indian rebels in Delhiwas criticized as propaganda by Karl Marxwho pointed out that the story was written by a clergyman in Bangalorefar from the events.

Guerra civile libanese e Guerra del Libano But the Holocausts do not prove that Whites are worse than other people, just that they are no better.

Zia Ul Haque responsible for it because sectarian violence started in his regime but he overlooked that. Sincethere has been intense violence in the FATA.

Short Essay on Sectarian Conflicts in Pakistan

In addition to all these, the wave of economic liberalization and globalization has weakened the traditional authority and control of the state in policy making options even on important matters and issues of vital interest.

Given the sensitivities the State forces should have taken extra care in preventing the movement of battle hardened Sunni Taliban with their sectarian streak into sensitive places. Uneducated adults are burden on national exchequer. The phobia that had grown from anti-Hinduism into Indophobia forms part of ethnic Bengali Nationalism, [52] which continues to mark Bangladeshi perceptions of Indians.Oct 21,  · The Internal Threat Is More Dangerous Than External Threat To Pakistan OUTLINE: Introduction Internal Threats To Pakistan • Political Instability • Weak Judiciary • Feudalism •.

The International Crisis Group is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organisation committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict. Anti-Indian sentiment or Indophobia refers to negative feelings and hatred towards India, Indians, and Indian culture.

Indophobia is formally defined in the context of anti-Indian prejudice in East Africa as "a tendency to react negatively towards people of Indian extraction against aspects of Indian culture and normative habits".

Its opposite is Indomania. Sectarianism in Pakistan INTRODUCTION The decade of the s witnessed a frightening upsurge in the Shia-Sunni sectarian violence in Pakistan, both in terms of scope and intensity.

The current U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, who is the most dispositionally interventionist among Obama’s senior advisers, had argued early for arming Syria’s rebels.

Oct 21,  · Pakistan was established in Since its inception it has been surrounded by countless internal as well as external problems.

Essay on the Importance of National Unity and Strength

All these problems seem to have become fate of our country. Problems like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment.

Sectarianism in pakistan essay
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