What are the hrm implications of globalization technology and e commerce

Armstrong defined Human Resource Management HRM as the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization.

This implies significant disruptions to value chains and uncertainty about jobs, consumption, and the socio-political context.

The change in Information Technology is faster than any other processes in the organization.


But such changes do not address the underlying weaknesses that allow risk to proliferate. Interconnections and Contradictions The fashion supply chain is shaped by many forces that have an effect on each other and often contradict one another.

Customers are offered a greater variety of products and can increasingly specify parameters of the items they wish to purchase. Emergence of new services and industries Numerous public services have become available online and through mobile phones.

Twenty years ago, large and bulky mobile telephones were carried only by a small number of users in just a few U. The increased automation also has reduced the employee head counts everywhere.

The news industry was dramatically transformed by the emergence of numerous Internet-enabled news-gathering and dissemination outlets. Pearsonhttp: This trend had spillover effects on other industries, such as online payment systems.

At the same time, human resources management is critical in seeing that people who work in an organization can engage in professional development and reflection that will make them more effective contributors to the organization's strength. AT the beginning is the pedagogue, which governs the course.

In this context, an additional acceleration and hence a disruptive change to the fashion industry was certainly the phasing out of the Multi-Fibre Arrangement MFA at the end oftogether with the accession of China into the WTO in Knowledge workers; the 21st century organization will compete on strategic information and knowledge.

Technology is now the forefront of the modern world creating new jobs, innovations, and networking sites to allow individuals to connect globally. Human resources management is essential to an organization because of the many different roles it plays. The doubling of mobile data use caused by the increase in 3G connections boosts GDP per capita growth rate by 0.

The E-Employee Profile web application provides a central point of access to the employee contact information and provides a comprehensive employee database solution, simplifying HR management and team building by providing an employee skills, organization chart and even pictures.

This is especially true with the increase sophistication and lower costs of information age technology and automated processes.

Changes in political and legal environment If there are Changes in political and legal environment, then almost all aspects of HRM will be affected by the legal and regulatory environment.

Further, because of the wage differential and the way in which different countries are endowed with different resources, countries stand to gain by trading with each other. The supervised internship experience is planned jointly by the faculty and student.

On one hand, human resources management helps to oversee the process of hiring and finding the best people who can make an organization be successful and establish new horizons for success. According to Beer et al all E-HRM activities, will implicitly or explicitly be directed towards distinguish four possibilities: The new technological possibilities surrounding the Internet also had other important consequences.

Ethics While considering the challenges of human resources there is a need to discuss about ethics. While advancements in Internet-based tools over the past five to ten years, such as social networking websites, twitter, and other Web2.

In this new environment, the competitiveness of economies depends on their ability to leverage new technologies. Diversity can be labelled into two distinct aspects: In the present era most of the organizations are competing globally for their best reputation, by keeping in view the above issues and challenges the HR mangers are responsible to train all the young workers, to provide them best rewards as a result they will show their commitment and loyalty.

Globalization can be thought of to be the result of the opening up of the global economy and the concomitant increase in trade between nations.

The digital economy is naturally pro-market, pro-productivity, and pro-globalization. Factors affecting the role of HRM Globalization Greengard defined globalization as the system of interaction among the countries of the world in order to develop the global economy.

This has been a powerful cost effective tool in the sense that companies have been successful in increasing their applicant pool through this mode and staffs also may live far away from cities and gain considerably due to savings in rents, transportation, etc.

As the modern work setting is becoming increasingly diverse, human resources management is committed to ensuring that this diversity in all forms is understood in the modern workplace.Introduction. E-commerce is about much more than marketing or selling.

The Effect of E-Commerce on the Fashion Supply Chain

It impacts significantly on all the functional areas of a business. The largest and most-successful e-commerce businesses have invested hugely over many years to develop their IT systems, business processes and capabilities.

Globalization is often used to refer to economic globalization, that is, integration of national economies into the international economy through trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and the spread of technology.

According to Armstrong () Human Resource Management (HRM) is defined as a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets – the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its objectives.

e-commerce companies have used their understanding of the technology’s potential and the absence of any baggage to steal a march and enter markets that would previously have been closed to them, but in future simply having a good business.

The most important challenges of HRM, are technology, E commerce, and work force diversity, and globalization, ethical consideration of the organization which may directly or indirectly affect the organization competitive advantages, especially with technological advancement the affect on recruitment, training and development and job.

1. What are the HRM implications of globalization, technology, and ecommerce? (Minimum words) 2. Suppose you were asked to enter a debate in which your task was to argue against any special effort to manage workforce diversity.

What are the hrm implications of globalization technology and e commerce
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